A somewhat dated collection of extra libraries and tools for the F# programming language. 
The F# Power Pack has been stripped into constituent parts, documented below. You can continue to get the original functionality here via the old package here if necessary though this will not evolve as a single package. You can find many more F# components and projects on this list.
To get, learn, install, use or contribute to F#, go to fsharp.org. You might also be looking for the The Visual F# Power Tools, a set of extensions for the Visual F# IDE Tools, including rename refactoring and find-all-references.
Get Using Nuget

Install-Package FsPowerPack.Community
Install-Package FsPowerPack.Core.Community
Install-Package FsPowerPack.Linq.Community

Structured Formatting

  •  Programming model for structured, squashable 2D box formatting of text

F# 2.0 LINQ/Quotations Compiler/Converter

FSharp.PowerPack.Linq.dll connects F# 2.0 with some LINQ features. In F# 3.0 some of this functionality has been moved to the core F# language and FSharp.Core.dll.

Also provides converters from quotations to .NET expression trees:

let adderExpr = <@ fun i -> i + 1 @>.ToLinqExpression()
let adder = <@ fun i -> i + 1 @>.Compile()

F# CodeDOM Implementation

FSharp.Compiler.CodeDom.dll contains implementations of System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider for F#. This allows F# to be used with CodeDom consumers, and most importantly to author ASP.NET pages code-behind classes in F#. Not all ASP.NET features work with this CodeDom, and you don't get strongly typed access to page elements, Some sample ASP.NET applications are in the test suite in the source tree.

HashMultiMap, TaggedSet, TaggedMap, ResizeArray module (moved to FSharpx.Collections)

Math Helpers (moved to Math.NET Numerics, or see F# math library choices)

Async programming (please use FSharpx Asynx extensions)

F# Compatibility Helpers (moved to FSharp.Compatibility)

F# Parallel LINQ Integration (moved to FSharp.Collections.ParallelSeq)

F# 2.0 Queries (now subsumbed by F# 3.0 queries, part of the core distribution of F#)

F# Metadata Reader (now subsumbed by FSharp.Compiler.Service)

FsLex and FsYacc (now an independent project)

F# Documentation generator (now subsumed by FSharp.Formatting)

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