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Fsharp incompatibility?


I have been using FSharp to access FSLex,FSYacc, and BigInt's among other things. However, when I went to install on a new machine, I found that the PowerPack is incompatible with FSharp I tried installing the most recent FSharp for Visual Studio 2008 along with the PowerPack, but that combination seems to have lost functionality (BigInt's in particular).
So .. does a PowerPack installer still exist for FSharp
I tried to download the source to recompile it, but that appears to require a newer FSharp than Perhaps there's an older version of the source code around somewhere?
Is there any other way for me to get my code compiling again with Visual Studio 2008?


LukeH wrote Mar 31, 2010 at 6:19 PM

The F# Powerpack on CodePlex will work with the release of F# and any future releases. If you are still using an older F# release, the PowerPack components are included along with those releases, and you will need to continue using those versions until you move to the newer F#. Going forward, there will be no liitations of this kind.

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