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Bug: Metadata API: problem with flexible types


open FSharp.PowerPack.Metadata
module Main =
let tryFindInAssembly name (assembly:FSharpAssembly) =
  Seq.collect (fun (entities:FSharpEntity) -> entities.MembersOrValues ) assembly.Entities
  |> Seq.tryFind (fun memberOrValue -> memberOrValue.DisplayName = name)
let findAndDisplay name =
  let valArray2D = tryFindInAssembly name FSharp.PowerPack.Metadata.FSharpAssembly.FSharpLibrary
  match valArray2D with
  | Some (value) -> printfn "Name: %s.%s" value.EnclosingEntity.DisplayName value.DisplayName
                    Seq.iter (fun (elem:FSharpGenericParameter) -> printfn "Generic param: %s" elem.Name) value.GenericParameters

  | None -> printfn "%s not found." name
  printfn ""
findAndDisplay "dict"
findAndDisplay "printf"
findAndDisplay "array2D"
When executed, this produces:
Name: ExtraTopLevelOperators.dict
Generic param: Key
Generic param: Value
Name: Printf.printf
Generic param: T
Name: ExtraTopLevelOperators.array2D
Generic param: ?2696
Generic param: T
Expected: Instead of ?2696, it should display #seq<'T> I think


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