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Error evaluation certain statically constrained functions returning lambdas


let inline example1 a b = fun x -> a + b + x
The follow evaluates without error:
<@ (example1 3 2) 1 @>.Eval()   However, given:
let inline example2 a b = fun x -> x >= a - b && x <= a + b
The following:
<@ (example2 3 2) 1 @>.Eval()   produces an error message:
System.NotSupportedException: Specified method is not supported.
at Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.QuotationEvaluation.CompileImpl@840.Invoke(Unit unitVar0)
at Microsoft.FSharp.Linq.QuotationEvaluation.Expr1.Eval[T](FSharpExpr1 )
at <StartupCode$FSI_0023>.$FSI_0023.main@() Stopped due to error
Closed May 29, 2013 at 3:28 PM by dsyme
Closing old suggestions since the PowerPack functionality in this drop of the PowerPack will not be expanded from this point.

Some requests for changes in functionality are also being closed for the same reason.

New functionality can be discussed in the versions of this code on GitHub:
and the Math.NET F# support, for Matrix functionality.